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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall wreath

Here is the Davis' new fall wreath!
 I was wanting to make a new fall wreath for us and decided to do one of the rosettes that I love.

Here is what you will need:
-Fabric (I used 3 different ones)
-Felt squares
-Glue gun
-Letter and paint

1. Start by cutting your fabric into 1.5 in wide strips and about 22 in long (small) 45 in long (large). Fold strip in half and glue.
2. Fold the strip over once to the left and again over towards the right, gluing the second fold so that you have a point. Glue the tip to a piece of felt. (I glued all my flowers onto the felt and then cut all out at once. Way easier.)
3. Begin twisting and gluing all the way around. I like the "tighter" look of the flower, so I twisted tight and glued often. Continue doing so until you are finished...and yes, you may feel like you are in the early stage of carpal tunnel.
4. When finished, simply glue the last bit down, let dry and cut out. I've seen some flowers with the frayed look but I didn't care for it in excess, so I trimmed mine up.

Then, all you do is start rearranging and gluing these puppies onto a wreath, with your preferred letter and painted whatever color you desire. It was so simple and I can officially say I am obsessed with my glue gun
Now, just to wait until mid-October or so...or until the Razborback season draws to an end (or earlier if the boys aren't doing so hot!)

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