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Sunday, November 20, 2011

26th Birthday

This exact weekend last year I was turning 25. My birthday fell on a Friday and what made it more special was we found out I was having a sweet baby boy. Talk about a great birthday gift! We had a gender reveal party and shared our exciting news with our family and closest friends. They all picked either a pink or blue card depending on what they thought we were having. One envelope shared what the baby was and my best friend Erin held the actual card that said BOY! It was such a fun evening that I clearly will never forget.
Fast forward one year later and here we are with a 7.5 month old baby. Friday was a tough day with Wyatt. (Let's be honest, some days at home with a baby are just hard.)  His little gums were bothering him and he just wasn't having a good day. Nothing made him happy and he just wanted to be held gnawing on things. I even rocked him to sleep. (This is how I know that he's feeling crummy.) I was having one of those days myself. I'm not sure what it is. I should confess that momma is no longer on birth control and yes, we are working on baby number 2. Therefore, I like to think my hormones are a little out of whack. That's legit, right? Yah, I think so too. Well, my day just wouldn't get better, but there was a silver lining to the day. My parents stopped by for a quick visit and like always jokingly offered to take the baby home. Much to their surprise I'm sure, I began packing Wyatt a bag. Yes, I felt terrible, but I also know that for my sanity, I needed that break. Plus, what grandparent doesn't love having a grandbaby stay the night!? After Wyatt left we got wild and crazy. When baby's away mommy and daddy will play!!! By play, I mean we went to Sonic for a Diet Dr. Pepper and cheese sticks and to vacuum out my vehicle. We seriously go all out now days. Go on, be jealous.

Saturday, my actual birthday, I bid farewell to Ryan since it was opening day of duck season at something like 2 o'clock in the morning. I've got a love/hate with duck season, but that is neither here nor there. I went right back to sleep until 7 when I was wide awake. The plan for "sleeping in" quickly went out the door. I got around, read my very sweet cards from Bunney and Wyatt, and was out the door headed to mom's by 8:30. I spent the morning hanging out with Wyatt until Ryan came over around noonish. We then left from there and headed to Conway for some Outback and shopping. It was a very fun afternoon and we ended up coming back to mom's where I was the major source of entertainment. Jager and Redbull may or may not have been involved. It seems I married my brother and his girlfriend Misty somewhere in the process...It was such a fun night!

Today, we have hung out at the house. I took on the daunting task of washing all of Wyatt's toys. That my friends, is not so fun, but I luuurve the Palmolive baby wash. Hate the normal kind, but love this one.

And, want to know how old I really am?

 I ask for a vacuum cleaner for my birthday.
Ask and you shall receive.

I also asked for a paper shredder which my dear mother got me.

When did I become a 70 year old woman?

Look what little Wyatt got me...some new Toms! At least he's hip.
My sweet MIL got me a new curling iron and I got some moolah from Papaw, my FIL, and daddy. I made out like a bandit this year. Ha!

I am now 26 and 1 day old. I am that much closer to 30 and you know? I'm a-ok with that.

Now, how was your weekend?!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! 30 years old isn't that bad...I might have a meltdown at 35 because it is halfway to forty. I find myself asking for the same types of things for my birthday/Christmas. Thankfully, we have kids that will get all the cool stuff.


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