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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Now I get it

High chairs have the potential to be just about the most disgusting thing ever.

I now get why some people's least favorite task is to clean up that dreaded chair.
 Yet, those cute little babies that use said chair makes it all worth it.

Wyatt is a clean eater with his spoon. But today we let him eat real apples and green beans...

This is real apple juice folks.
 He absolutely loves to feed himself. I do too, actually, considering I can put food down for him and cook dinner. I'm telling you, I have a serious love/hate with this growing up stuff.

 That's apple and not a gigantic booger.
 You can imagine the high chair...thank goodness for those little pouches on his bibs!
 He thoroughly enjoyed his apples and green beans tonight!

And he went from laying on his belly to the sitting position all by himself. Yay!

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