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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Couples Shower for the Townsends

Today we honored my best friends Jay and Haley in welcoming sweet baby Payton.
 This is their first baby and they are in for the time of their lives!

Here are the pictures from the shower. I was in charge of decorations so it was a labor of love. Ha! Just kidding...I thoroughly enjoyed making stuff for the shower.

 Here is Haley with the hostesses...minus Allison.
Here is the loot that Miss Payton will have waiting on her!
This is a picture of my closest high school friends...Susan (preggo with Emma), Jade, Lakin with Tinley, me with a grumpy Wyatt, Erin with Ridge, Amber (preggo with Reese), and Haley with Payton.
 It's crazy to me that almost all of us have babies. When did we turn into adults?

And here we are with Bunney. Much thanks to him for helping me set up the heavy stuff.

I wish I had gotten pictures during the shower, but I was in charge of the gift list. She had a great turn out and it was wonderful seeing all our friends together!

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