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Saturday, November 12, 2011

7 months

Wyatt is 7 months old today!!

You love to eat...obviously. You still take an 8 oz bottle for breakfast, 6 oz + cereal, 5 oz + fruit, 4 oz + veggie or "dinner" baby food, and 6 oz bottle for bedtime. You have watered down juice from your cup throughout the day. We don't use sippy cups anymore, but cups with straws. You drink either way- through a straw or like we do. It's so cute seeing how big a boy you are. We feed you yogurt melts, yogurt, and puffs for snacks throughout the daay but this week started feeding you REAL food through your mesh feeder and you love it!! I think you are so proud of yourself.

I'm going to guess you are about 22 lbs. We don't go back to the doctor until you are 1, so I pray that we don't have to see the doctor before then! We will just have to start doing the very scientific method of weighing you at home.

You still sleep great from 8-8.

You are on the verge of crawling. EEK! You can army crawl everywhere if you have your mind on it. You crawled across your entire room earlier this week. I've made a bet with daddy that you will be a serious crawler by Thanksgiving...and if you're not...mommy will not be the least bit upset about it! Being able to keep you somewhat contained is pretty nice!

You now get super bored with your toys. You seem to constantly want to do a new activity. We try and figure out new ways to entertain you...and we spend lots of moolah on toys for you as well.

You've become quite the screamer when you get to talking. It's so cute in the mornings because it's like you are just so excited about life!

You are still wearing a size 3 in Pampers and in clothes you are wearing some 6-9, 9, 12, and 18 month clothes. Size 4W in shoes.

You still have a precious gummy grin and it is my favorite. I will sure miss it when those toofers come in. I don't see any signs of you getting any teeth anytime soon. We always joke that you won't have any toofers by your first birthday.

We've seen you be a pouty pants when we take stuff away from you. When you are on the floor you put your head down on your hands and do a little whine. It gives me a glimpse into what full blown tantrums are going to be like except those will involve feet kicking everywhere I'm sure. You are learning no and absolutely crack us up when we tell you. It's like we have a face off with you after you are told no about something. It's like you are testing us. You will keep a straight face for about 20 seconds and then you get a little smirk and we lose it laughing. You're just too precious.

It's so hard to believe you are 7 months old. Each month gets more and more fun...but, baby, please please slow down!

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