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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Date night

Last night was date night. Say what?!

Ryan and I had a date night with the Townsends. We went to dinner and then did what all other women, er tweens, were doing and went to see Breaking Dawn. Haley and I have watched every single Twilight movie together (with the last now 3 being with our husbands too). We met up with my friends Erin and Misty as well and settled in for a couple hours of drooling over so vampires. How old am I again?

The movie was good…the book, like usual, was better. I’m not going to lie… the part where she delivers the baby was a bit over the top. I could have definitely gone without seeing Edward smash her breast bone 786 times and then her blood changing or whatever as well as her dead limp body. It was a bit much, but whatev.

This isn’t what my post is about. Oh no. It’s about the CUTE 6 or so year old boy that was sitting directly behind us.

The BEST part of my evening was when they are having “relations” and the bed splits. No, sickos, not because I’m a pervert like that, but because while everyone in the theatre ooh and ahh’ed and giggled from awkwardness little Henry (as I’ve dubbed him) very loudly exclaims, “WHAT HAPPENED?”

His pure innocence had be crying from laughing so hard.

Other moments that had be shaking so hard from laughter was when it was dead silent in the theatre and little Henry let out a belch a grown man couldn’t compete with…Or when they kept making out and he asked, “Why do they keep doing that?” Or when she was drinking the blood and he asked, “What is that?”

He wanted to know everything. He wanted to comment on so much. His dad was so patient with him and I am so happy that we sat in front of them…it made the movie that much better.

Wyatt is soon going to be at that age where he speaks his mind and is curious about the world around him. He is going to ask questions. He is going to be annoying. He is going to be redundant. Where once I would have thought of little Henry as that annoying kid who ruins my tween movie, I now see him as absolute preciousness who made a movie more funny than I had expected. I know that our day is coming when Wyatt will be extremely annoying to some people, heck probably even to me. However, I hope to always be patient, amused, and willing to laugh at all his ridiculousness. Did I ever tell you that children are the best? If not, they are. My baby, the soon-to-be Henry, brings a love and joy to me that I didn’t know was possible.

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