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Friday, December 24, 2010

As I sit here with a fur-baby curled up next to me, a kicking baby inside me, and a handsome hubby ready for me to finish blogging so he can read it I can't help but think of how truly blessed I am and how different each Christmas with Ryan has been.

We started dating in November of 2008 so our first Christmas together was what you could definitely consider the "awkward" one... you know...the one where you are just beginning to date and you ponder whether or not to do the gift exchange and if so, how much do you spend? Do you get personal? Buy something they have probably received from every other girlfriend or try to be a little different? Buy something useful? Show how cute, witty, and funny you are or be boring? Either way it is, or can be, a difficult task. However, with Ryan I knew what I was going to get him instantly. Ryan and I are goofy, it's that simple. We somehow got on the conversation of shirts and he mentions the one that Ricky Bobby wore in Talledega Nights...the Crystal Gayle one. I immediately began a search for the shirt and found one at none other than her fan website. Score! I knew Ryan would love it and couldn't wait until Christmas rolled around. We spent Christmas Eve Eve together and did our exchange, somewhat awkwardly. Oh how I miss those days! He loved his shirt that I got him and I truly loved the book he got me. (He obviously paid attentions to my nerdiness.) We both went with a sentimental avenue and had a successful first Christmas together. Here is the beauty that I got:

And here is him actually wearing it over Memorial Day weekend at a camp/float trip---the same trip that Ryan "pre-proposed" to me and asked me when I was ready to go ring shopping...see, it paid off!

Our second Christmas together, last years, was our first one as an engaged couple. We pondered how we were going to tackle the day. There were three different households to visit and we weren't sure how to handle it. Ryan had shared with me that he had always been super stressed out during this time of year because of not wanting to hurt any one's feelings...add another family to the mix and I honestly felt bad for him and even assured him that we would make it...and we did. We changed traditions that we had held on to for years...for each of us it was me spending the night at my parent's and Ryan at his dad. We decided this year to wake up at our home, do our Christmas, and then head out to conquer the day spending time with family. Christmas breakfast at my parent's, a late lunch at his dad's, and an early dinner at his mom's. It was a lot of running around and I truly began to understand what Ryan used to go through. The one thing that absolutely made my day was as we were crawling into bed, doing a recap of our day and Ryan told me that this was the best Christmas he had ever had and the reason why was because of me. I had made his Christmas perfect and stress free and he actually looked forward to holidays now, knowing that I would be by his side. That's what marriage is about and I am lucky to have a husband to realize that.

This year, it is our first Christmas as a married couple and with a baby on the way. I've already got my presents so I will not have anything to open in the morning. This upsets Ryan a bit since he has presents to open (event though he knows exactly what they are) and I won't. But what makes me extremely thankful is that Ryan and I are truly blessed where we are in our lives. We don't need anything...we have everything and more so our gifts are very functional. New running shoes and pillows for me. (I'm sure Ryan about stroked out spending more than $40 for a pillow, but it's what I wanted.) I love that we decided to forgo a lot of Christmas presents so we can spend more on Wyatt (which we have successfully done). I love, love, love being married and I love that this is our first Christmas as a married couple. Next Christmas is going to be even more different. We will have a son who will be about 8 months old and we will be dying to play Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. Granted, we know that next Christmas won't be that "exciting" since Wyatt won't really get the concept but for momma and daddy it will be the best time ever. Each Christmas Ryan and I have spent together only gets better and better. I am so excited for tomorrow and spending time with our families!!

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