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Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Party

Ryan's work Christmas party was tonight. We always have a lot of fun simply because he works with a great group of people!

Last year 4 of us wore our "Tacky Christmas" attire...this year we bumped it up to 5. There was a $50 prize for worst outfit!! Eric (one of the originals) won this year and there is no questioning why. Sweaters are the way to go. Tess, his wife, and myself weren't in the contest mostly because we looked "pretty" haha! Next year hopefully more people will get on the bandwagon. Knowing there is a good prize why wouldn't they?! Here is the winner, Eric and his wife.

His work always give really, really good prizes...shot gun, PS3, tv's, blinds for hunting, tree stands, Xbox 360, camcorders, etc. Just really good gifts. They are overly giving during the holidays. Last year Ryan walked away with a new deer stand. This year? He got a portable DVD player...The thing about this is they draw randomly who gets to pick in what order. Ryan was
near the front and picked this jewel out. Why? For the baby. So cute, right? I love that he was thinking about the baby and one less thing we are going to have to buy. I'm lucky to have a good who thinks about little Wyatt. There are 3 "Beacon Babies," as they are called on the way! Exciting times!

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