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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good lookin'

I never like to miss an opportunity to share just how wonderful my husband is. Well, that and how silly he really is. After going to church, lunch, and a quick run to the store to get some cat food we were finally headed home. It suddenly hit me just how much I love Ryan. It's a lot. Maybe too much. I even asked him if he wanted to know what my favorite part about being married was. He, of course, said yes and I responded with "After being together for a little over 2 years I am still happy with you." He just laughed and said he was too. (He's quite the sweet romantical person.) It is true though...I have never been happier in my life and I know I am on the path I am supposed to be pursuing. Ryan is the perfect husband for me and I am the perfect wife for him. I look forward to many, many years with him when I am still happy and still content and we are still laughing our butts off at each other. We enjoy each other's company above anyone elses and when we add little Wyatt to the mix it's only going to be that much more wonderful!

Seriously, how can you not love a guy who tucks in a shirt into his pajama pants (and is putting my pants up)?! He will want to punch me in the face for posting this, but he is down-right adorable (and delicious) to me! He should just be happy I didn't get a picture of him wearing my cute little pajama pants with puppy dogs, bows, and candy canes when he didn't have any clean lounging pants. Never a dull moment with this hansome devil.

Don't hate me Bunney...I know how to punish you in a bad, bad can kiss having someone do your laundry goodbye if you do!

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