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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crying in Cracker Barrel

Sharing a sense of humor with your spouse is very, very me and mine at least. Ryan and I can find something funny in just about every situation. Tonight was no different.

As we walked into to Cracker Barrel for dinner tonight I was making a beeline for the hostess. Little momma was starving at this point and had only one mission: Get seated and get some biscuits. My dear husband had another plan. He wanted me to get a good look at what every patron entering the restaurant would witness: A man bent over showing nothing but some good ole flannel long johns busting out of his britches. I, of course, had missed this sight due to my tunnel vision but I can always count on the hubs to point out something I missed. We got a good little chuckle after I called him a sicko and went about to our table and enjoyed some dinner. After we paid we did a little looking around, admiring all the stuff we "can't wait to buy" when Wyatt gets big enough. We stumbled upon one of the Christmas-ey tables right in front of the door...(what would make this story even better is if it was the exact table as Mr. Underwear himself, but it wasn't.) Ryan picked one of the two books began flipping through it and handed it to me and proceeded to pick up the second. I just stood there holding the book, minding my own, waiting for him to finish when suddenly out of nowhere I heard the one thing that Ryan and I will always laugh about...a toot. A loud, there is no denying what it was toot...and...immediately following in a cute little lady's voice we heard an "Ooops." I lost it. Seriously lost it. I started shaking violently, laughing uncontrollably, tears were forming in my eyes, when Ryan asked, "Was that what I think it was?" But, my body language had already given him the answer he was seeking. He took the book out of my hand for what I am certain is fear it would end up on the floor with me, as I was so close to doing. We stood there laughing and laughing not really knowing if momma was going to make it...We finally made it two foot to the door where the incident happened and continued to laugh. What nearly killed Ryan and I was when we saw the of the two little old ladies that was getting into their car. Lost it, again. We finally got into our car and got settled down, caught our breath, and headed home. There is nothing like a man with flannel underwear peeping out of his pants and a little lady who accidently toots walking out the doors of a restaurant to give Ryan and I a glimpse of what we will probably one day be...

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  1. BAHAHAHA Okay So I'm bustin' a gut at work as I read this - seriously that is hilarious. Not at all what I was expecting to read but funny still! Ah - good times! *Charity*


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