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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

200 days pregnant

Today, one of my pregnancy apps tells me I am 200 days into my pregnancy.

Kind of hard to believe, right?

Today’s read was, “For Dad: Preparing for Fatherhood” and it talked about how much daddy’s life is going to change- for the better.

I firmly believe this. We’ve had many “talks” about how it is going to be…what we are excited about and what we fear.

We are overly excited to be bringing a new life into the world. Getting to share with each other a love for someone that we have never even met has consumed us entirely. We love this little boy inside of me and we can only imagine the love we will have for him once he is in our arms. We look forward to all the things we get to do with him. What we fear? Not being good parents. I think this is normal...I think every person who is about to completely responsible for someone else goes into a bit of a panic mode. There is no such thing as perfect parents. We are going to fail at some things and at others be more successful that we could ever imagine. I get so excited each and every day knowing that we are one day closer to meeting our son.

Our lives are going to change dramatically…not that we are a couple who spend our weekends going out “living it up” anymore and a child is going to put a sudden halt to it all…but rather we are a couple who enjoys being home on weekends, doing things around the house, enjoying each other’s company, having dinner with friends, doing things on our time. When Wyatt comes we know our time will be running on Wyatt’s time…his feedings, his naps, his mommy time, his daddy time, his bedtime…everything “his” time. We’re ready…we don’t dread it or look at it like “darn” there goes Ryan and Sarah and think of people that we USE to be. We will still have our time. We will still have “date nights” because we will be lucky enough to have all the grandparents living very close to us. We will still have dinner dates with friends (and we apologize in advance for us not being able to talk about anything other than Wyatt.) We will still have our twosome…Just Ryan and Sarah. I’ve read that having a baby puts strain on a marriage. Of course. When you think about it, how could it not? For us though, we are a perfect balance for one another. Where I’m weak Ryan is strong…where he falls short, it is always me who picks up when he can’t. We are a team…a team that is going to make it through raising our first born.

Annnnd---tomorrow is my glucose test. Pray that I pass! I’m not too worried since those delicious sweets that once consumed my life on a daily basis is practically nonexistent. I use to hope that once little boy was out of me that my sweet tooth would return, but now, I think I’d be okay with its absence. (Side note: to celebrate passing it though I will be requesting mom’s homemade Rice Krispie Treats for me and the hubs. I cannot help it that Ryan had never tasted such pure delight in a little square until he met me. Hint, hint mother.)
Alllssooo---pray that Wyatt is a healthy, growing boy and decides to set his mommy and daddy’s stubbornness aside and shows us his handsome face!

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