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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Strawberry and his football

With us having a little boy, my son is destined to be known by a few people (namely, Ryan’s fantasy football group) as the “little strawberry.” It’s true…somehow I have a strawberry patch inside me growing one amazing little lone strawberry. One that will absolutely be our first pick of the Spring that is ahead of us.

Ryan is known as Strawberry by his FFL. I think it’s cute really. I’m a fan of nicknames in the first place…maybe because I never really had one. (The only one that has ever really even stuck with me has been Bunney, which is even a shared nickname…okay, pet name…between me and the hubs. It’s like we don’t even have real names…Sarah and Ryan who?) This Sunday marked a very sad day in the Davis household…the NFL season has come to an end. Yes, there are playoff games and a Super Bowl in February to look forward to, but it’s just not the same really. (For the record, what was even more upsetting was when my Sammy -Sam Bradford…OU Heisman winner, QB for STL Rams, you know, my boyfriend- lost to the Seahawks on Sunday. Ugh---STL, get some receivers who can catch a ball. How about that?) I love football. Mostly college ball, but I have become much more accepting of the NFL. Maybe it’s because Ryan has a fantasy team that I feel greatly apart of (since I did pick the QB that scored us 30+ points when Ryan juggling between who to play that week). Just another reason to always listen to your wife… Anyway, his FFL is a group of hilarious guys that talk a lot of trash, make fun of each other constantly, but somehow manage to bond over the few months that football is in season. I like it. I like reading the posts. I like reading the predictions each week. And, I really love in the last posts of the season…congratulating the winner/mocking how terrible one did this season/etc…that one person sent “special wishes to Rhino and his wife as they await the little strawberry.” Aw, that’s my baby that is getting mention in the FFL. So cute and so true. Ryan and I have always said we are having a little red-headed baby…Something we are a little terrified and excited about. But! But! If he is a little boy that looks anything like this, I will be one proud momma!

Just look at the chubby cheeks!! (And that little hint of red peeping out from under his hat.) Ryan was a cute little boy and if Wyatt is anything like his daddy we have nothing to worry about in the “cuteness” area!

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