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Monday, January 17, 2011

28 weeks and a stomach bug

Check out what happens in just 7 days when you've got a bun in the oven baking to perfection.
At this rate, I am a little nervous to see me in 12 weeks having not change a single thing in my eating patterns or exercise routine!

How far along? 28 weeks, 2 days (My "picture" day is every Saturday since that's when I actually inch closer to 40!)

Total weight gain: 15 pounds (As of today you can subtract one. Stupid stomach bug.)

Maternity clothes? Haven't wore any, but I did buy 2 dresses that were both small and non-maternity looking. Maybe I could just shop in the mat section if I'm going to be wearing a small and my boobs actually fit in it! JK...I also bought 2 pairs of pants this past weekend as well. I tried them on first and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not too sure what it is, but the whole "maternity jeans" look always seemed Ridiculous I know, but the thought of that big band sewn into pants kind of weirded me out. However, they are glorious...with room (and a still disgusting panel) but I think they will work. I think I'll wait until the 7 month mark to start wearing them...or later. Ha!

Sleep: I'm beginning to require a little bit more sleep, but it's getting a bit more uncomfortable. My Snoogle is still one of the best gifts my husband has ever given me.

Best moment this week: Let's see we had a lot: Registering for our baby shower, getting our crib mattress in, ordering a canvas for his room, finally feeling like his nursery is almost complete.

Movement: He moves a ton and they are so strong.

Gender: Boy! Wyatt Hudson

Labor Signs: No and don't want them until April.

Belly Button in or out? In, but getting a bit more shallow. Gag.

Cravings: No cravings still.

What I miss: Eating a normal sized meal. There is just no room it seems. Boo.

Weekly Wisdom: Reading sad and depressing stories when you are pregnant about pregnant people is not the way to go. However, they make you truly appreciative of the little human growing inside of you. I know that God has a plan for me and my family and I pray daily that it's for little Wyatt to join our family and live a long, beautiful life. I am just beyond thankful that he has trusted us this far with his life.

Milestones: Registering for the baby shower

So a stomach bug entered our house, defeated not only my husband, but me and my unborn child as well. It was Miserable. Yes, with a capital M. That was in fact my first stomach bug ever and I really thought I was coming out ahead because it was going on almost 3 days of me not catching it from the hubs. Well, yesterday morning was another story. Ryan still felt a little blah, so we slept in, and missed church. There was a reason for this because right at 10:30, when we would have been 1/2 way through church, it hit me. Defeat. I was optimistic that it wasn't as serious as Ryan's since there was no fever and no throwing up. the day progressed it only got worse. The terrible part was feeling like a bad mommy. I knew I couldn't keep anything in me, but I wanted to "feed" my baby so terribly bad. Wyatt did make me feel better since he was moving all around letting me know he was doing okay. I had a love/hate with all his movement while being sick was something comparative to motion sickness. While I adored knowing he was doing okay it still made for a long day. Today, we are feeling a hundred times better. I am once again very, very thankful for my husband who really stepped up and took care of me. Even after I threw up, which he luckily missed while making a run to the store for me, he proceeded to call a friend whose mom is a nurse practitioner to make sure I didn't need to go to the hospital! That and the fact that he was literally cramming drinks down me. He loves me and I am so thankful for him!

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