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Thursday, January 20, 2011

4D ultrasound

It is true…like most other pregnant woman I wasn’t really looking forward to my glucose test. I heard stories of just how disgusting it is, how quickly they want you to drink it, and then awaiting the results that normally leave you fearful of a 3 hour test that could potentially be in your future. To top all of that off, I had heartburn from the moment I woke up.

We had a 9:30 appointment, arrived right at 9:15 and were instantly taken to the little room where I felt like the lady was like, Here. Drink. Get out of my area. Maybe she didn’t mean to be that way but that’s definitely how we felt. As she was pouring the drink I was amazed at just how much it was…I wouldn’t have thought I was to drink that much. (I think I was being optimistic when I had a picture of a Dixie cup floating through my head.) Nonetheless, I took the cup and began drinking and much to my surprise the taste was just like any orange drink you would normally drink. (I think…I don’t drink orange drinks, but if I had to guess they would taste just like that.) I finished within minutes and back out to wait for our ultrasound we went.

We should have known that our lovely little Wyatt was going to be a stubborn boy. I mean, Ryan and I are his parents. But seriously almost 20 minutes of poking and prodding the little fella he FINALLY decided to cooperate a little. He seems to have a passionate love for my...err, his placenta. He was curled up to that sucker like it was going out of style. Almost every picture we have of him the placenta is included. He was a content little booger, not daring to move away from it. We did get a few pictures of his sweet little face…daddy’s chubby cheeks, mommy’s nose, and an almost even mixture of daddy’s shape of lips and mommy’s fullness. I cannot wait to hold him! He is measuring right on track and weighs 2 lbs, 12 oz. It is so strange knowing what he looks like now...I'm just curious as to how much it will really be once I can actually compare. Regardless, Wyatt is one good looking baby! Agree?

And, the whole "no news is good news" is definitely on my Do Not Care For list... I want to know good news and bad news. The bad news? I waited allll afternoon for a call to tell me I failed my glucose test. The good news? I never received that call. Thank. Goodness.

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