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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pregnancy makes me...

1. Laugh way more than normal
I don't really know what it is...maybe it's because I am ridiculously happy about life in general. Maybe it's because I have always been able to find humor in the majority of things. Maybe it's because losing your shoe during a football play is, well, funny. I can laugh and laugh about the most absurd things. Things in which I would never have really found funny just 6 or so months ago. Watching football games and having a player lose his shoe mid-play is down right hysterical to me. Seeing a commercial that I've seen a minimun of 10 times can one day strike me as the most comical invention I've ever seen. I love being so giggly about everything...even random day to day things that Ryan and I are do funny. This is one thing I would love to hold onto...

2. Notice other pregnant people
20 people...that I can list quickly. 20! This OCD in me even wrote the names out. How absurd is that. I don't know if it's because I am pregnant, at the age when having a baby is more "appropriate," or if we weren't the only ones who were having baby fever. I thoroughly enjoy seeing other preggos. I love finding out if it's a boy or a girl, their name, their nursery decor, etc. I love all of it because I'm going through it and I know what it feels like. I am beyond excited for every expectant mommy that I know.

3. Almost curse my high metabolism
I have been lucky my entire life and had a "painfully" high metabolism. This girl can eat. With a growing baby inside me and the high metabolism I feel hungry what seems like the majority of the day. Add a 3 mile cardio regime to thet day I feel like I could possibly eat a horse (er, many many meals for I would never dare of eating a precious pony)...but it's all about self-control and luckily I have plenty of it.

4. Cry just because
Typical pregnant girl, right? Ryan and I are jokers...okay, mean jokers at that...and there I moments when I just get sad, my feelings hurt, and I cry. But my cries aren't meltdowns that would scare off even the most manly man. No, they are a cry that involves maybe 6 tears coming from my eyes and I'm done. Whether I'm laying on the couch, about to get in the shower, just getting into the car, or walk into my parent's house, they are tears that can be counted on two hands...and I am always over it in a matter a minutes. Oh thank you hormones.

5. Stare at my belly for hours
Being pregnant is absolutely the most facsinating thing I think me or my hubs has ever experienced. Seeing your belly grow each day, knowing it's for your baby is a miracle in itself. I am guilty of staring at my belly for what seems like hours. When Wyatt gets to rockin' and a rollin' inside me I always lift up my shirt and just stare. I love it! I love his movements and it's almost sad when he finally gets calmed down and nestled snuggly inside me. I just stare and stare waiting for him to move again. I've had Ryan stare with me as well, but he doesn't quite have the patience that this little momma has...

6. Breathe funny
Breathing has never been an issue. I've been in what I like to call shape for a while, but add 10+ pounds to your front know where your heart and lungs are...makes it a little harder. I have to have a pillow supporting my back if I'm sitting on the couch. My legs must be propped up. It's absurd and only going to get worse as this big belly continues to blossom.

7. Compare my unborn child
I always imagine what Wyatt will look like and act like. I compare him to other babies. Beautiful babies, the cute babies, the chubby babies, the smart babies, the annoying babies, the babies whose parents need to quit having babies, all babies. It's ridiculous...I am so ready to get to meet him so I can stop comparing him and start obssessing over him haha.

8. Drive painfully slow
I am a speed demon. I have always been one, but since I've become pregnant and have a belly now I feel the need to drive under the speed limit. Who is this girl? I think it's paranoia. Or fear. Whatever it is, it has made me drive slowly and take my precious time...(See, pregnancy has already made me a little bit more patient.) AND-- it makes my hubby be paranoid driving home on NYE (around 11). He said on our way home from some friend's house that he was nervous about drunk drivers on NYE and that's something he never even cared about. Why? I asked him...answer: because of me and the baby. Awww.

9. Curse people on the road
The guy who drives entirely too fast down a side road while I am walking my pup, cursed. The guy who says, "You're sexy as hell" while also walking my dog, cursed. The guys who honked at me, flipped off. The people who nearly side-swiped me, cursed. The people who fly down the road only to be turning into Wendy's, cursed. I have precious cargo inside me people...chill. the. flip.out.

10. Confuse my husband
Marley, who has always been known as "the baby" and still is, currently shares a name with his little brother. If I say a sentence and it can be referring to either Marley or Wyatt, I instantly have to elaborate which baby I am talking about. Now, before you say "really, that happens?" Yes, sadly. We are those people who consider a four legged animal their baby...their life. Marley's been good, unintentional, baby-prepping material for us and we are just going to have to figure out another method with our babies for we refuse to have Marley be just a dog.

11. Appreciate being in shape
Pregnancy can be hard on a woman's body...and let's just say I feel like my pregnancy has been easier for being in shape. No, I can't run a marathon...nor would I want too...but I am very thankful for staying in good enough shape for me.

12. Long for Saturdays even more
Easy---Saturdays are my day to advance one more week.

13. DVR random pregnancy shows
Everything pregnancy related affects me I feel like...70 and Pregnant...Paralyzed and Pregnant...the list goes on. Thank you TLC for being there for me.

14. Looove cold weather and a cold house
My house sits at a comfortable 66 degrees all day every day. I love it...I love cold outside weather even more than I used to, which happened to be a lot. Poor Ryan has probably been miserable a few nights this Winter, but he is a trooper!

15. Be at peace
This one is very self-explainatory...nothing has brought me more joy than a. marrying Ryan and b. carrying his baby. My life is next to perfect.

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