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Friday, January 14, 2011

29 going on 8

My husband transformed, overnight, into an 8 year old boy. True story.

Don't get me wrong, I think he had a good enough reason to if you think acquiring a stomach bug in the middle of the night is legit or not. This little lady in fact does.

It amazed me nonetheless when I awoke this morning to a man that had the capacity to take care of himself the way an 8 year old would...if not worse.

I felt bad for him. I knew there was nothing that would really make him feel better, poor thing. However, this being the first time I have ever seen Ryan sick in the 2 years I've known him I knew it was time to aggravate him the way that he always does me. I was a good wifey though and catered to his every need---running to the store to get grape gatorade before work, hurrying home at lunch after Ryan called asking when I was coming home so I could step the 2 feet into the kitchen to make him soup because he couldn't do it. Oh no, he wanted me to make it, putting socks on those poor little toes, opening curtains, etc, etc, etc.
Just one of our conversations today...

It's love.

Now we shall curl up on separate couches and watch The Social Network and Toy Story 3 on the Friday evening. Don't be jealous!

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