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Monday, January 24, 2011

Marley Phoenix

Marley Phoenix Davis. That’s his name. The name of who you ask? Our first love- "baby" wise.

We love this dog more than we should and we will be the first ones to admit how truly pathetic we are when it comes to him. With Wyatt on the way, I’m a little nervous/scared. Nervous because I’m not entirely sure how Marley will react towards him…whether it will be with love, anger, jealousy, adoration, or despise. There is truly no telling. Scared because I don’t want Marley to be the outcast and end up being “the dog” in our eyes.

So, this post is dedicated to our little fur-baby, who by the way is as handsome as they come since he finally got a long overdue haircut…

Dearest Marley,

You have been a part of Mommy’s life since October of 2008…you were introduced to what would soon become your daddy approximately two months later when I was finally brave enough to introduce you to him. {{Side story: Okay, okay…truth be told, I wasn’t entirely ready for Ryan to meet Marley, but I was staying with Ryan frequently by this time and Marley had gotten his manhood taken away and I was left with no choice but to tote the baby around wherever I went. He was still sore, a little out of it, and looking for someone other than mommy to give him some TLC since I was the horrible lady that put him through surgery. Along with Marley I brought his bed, babies, and food and we settled in for a night of rest with Mr. Davis. I was sooo paranoid that he would potty in Ryan’s house since we weren’t 100% potty trained at this point but I should have known that with medication he would have to be picked up, carried outside, and helped around. (Spoiled, I know.) Marley took full advantage of Ryan…he knew where to get sympathy for his surgery and it wasn’t from Mommy. When I got him in the house, laid up in his bed, Ryan went over and said “hello.” Marley, being a little dramatic (he learned quick), rolled over, sprawled his legs open for Ryan and the look in his eyes screamed – DO YOU SEE WHAT SHE HAS DONE TO ME?! At that instant, I am convinced that Marley became Ryan’s baby and it has forever remained that way.}} You are our baby…we cater to what seems like your every need. I think you have prepared us for a baby in little ways such as making sure you are fed, have water, have pottied, and are happy. Because of you, I recommend everyone get a puppy and start with that responsibility. You were hard work at first…granted mommy was doing it alone, while in college, while living alone, while enjoying my partying days, and for the first time conquering potty-training. But, you were a champ and really caught on quick. You have made not only my life, but your daddy’s as well 100 times better. I even joke to your dad that if it weren’t for you, he probably wouldn’t have stuck around like he did. We know we are foolish dog lovers and the blame is placed all on you. You are our baby…our first baby…and will always be a part of our lives. When Wyatt comes, I pray that you are a good big brother and a loving one. I have visions of you and a 2 year old Wyatt rolling around together, having the best time. I know he will adore you as much as we do. So here is to you Marley Bug…you are a spoiled rotten little baby but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We PROMISE to love you, never neglect you, and always have a supply of Greenies in the cabinet for you.

Mommy and Daddy

::And yup, I love my blog since I can dedicate a post to my fur-baby without any judgement.::

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  1. We were a little nervous about Spanky and Scrappy with Ayla but they LOVE her. Maybe a little too much! Ha! They love to kiss her and be right where she is. Hopefully Marley will be the same way with Wyatt!


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