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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Terrible Tuesday

Yesterday was one of those days. It was a day which ended up being less than stellar and for no other reason than my being pregnant- I think.

I love being pregnant. There is no better thing in the world knowing that I am carrying a little miracle that me and my husband created, but sometimes…sometimes it’s just not all that it’s cracked up to be and last night I experienced it full force.

It started when lunched rolled around… Not a thing in the world sounded good, but I ate anyway knowing I needed to. Pure disappointment in my decision… Dinner was going to be great…the one thing I couldn’t wait to taste was some yummy pasta salad…bell peppers, onions, ranch, bacon, pasta=yum. It was a disaster…it was nothing that my taste buds wanted anything to do with and I was devastated. I just wanted to cry. I was already feeling icky, no food sounded worthwhile, and I just wanted my husband to be home at that very moment. When he finally did arrive home moments later, he came in, gave me my usual sugar, and then asked what was for dinner and how I felt. He instantly knew that today was not my day. Granted, I was laid up on the couch, pup next to me, watching Sex and The City on E!, which btw---I love that they picked up the show . I’m sure he felt sorry for me and knew I just wanted him curled up on the couch with me, so he happily did. He ate the what-was-to-be-yummy-to-me pasta salad and sat on the couch with me watching SATC as I curled up on him. I felt gross. I felt fat. I felt miserable. I felt hungry. I felt lazy. I felt unproductive. I felt like the day would never end.

But, then after 2 hours of being laid up on the couch, I showered, poured a bottle of lotion on me, got my nightly footrub and backrub from Ryan and we watched the season premier of Teen Mom 2. I love this show. I am addicted. It’s a constant reminder of normally what I thrive not to be as a mommy. Yes, I do have an upper hand…a helpful husband, a stable environment to raise a baby, no facial piercings, and a few years of maturity on the kids, but still…they honestly do have a little bit more experience in the baby-raising department than I do. Anyway, while I was already in better spirits since our show was on, the best part of my night occurred when Corey, the boyfriend of Leah and the father of twin girls, mistakes a cake she made for him for cornbread. I literally cried and cried from laughter, when he said, “I don’t want no cornbread right now.” This is the best quote from the show, which runs a close race to last season’s Gary and Amber when Gary asks, “Would a promise ring make you happy?” Classic…can’t you see why we love this show?! I am a total fan of Corey now. (He is a good daddy I think and smart for not jumping back into a relationship with her after she cheated…Yes, they are married now and that I approve of…I just hope it lasts.) Anyway, all my problems of the day were instantly washed away. I was happy again and longing for next week’s episode. Now though it was time for bed…this is when I discovered something down right strange about pregnancy. I had always read and heard, “Wait until he is keeping you up at night moving around inside you.” Psssh- yah. Right. That would never happen. The plethora of jabs, punches, kicks, flips, etc. I am used to and adore. But this, this was like my kid was an alien dragging a head, a shoulder, a leg, a knee, maybe even a suitcase back and forth across my stomach. If I wasn’t lying in the dark I probably would have been freaked out at the sight of my stomach. While it did have me have such feelings as, really Wyatt…it’s bed time, I embraced each and every movement. I love how strong his movements are. I love that we are nearly 2/3 of the way there. I love that my little boy is active and will hopefully keep mommy on his toes once he is here! So, there is my “terrible” Tuesday woe. I’m forever blessed to have a good husband who watched SATC, cuddles with me, gives me footrubs, and loves feeling our strong little boy as much as I do while in bed. It ends up my Tuesday was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was.

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  1. I thought the cornbread comment was hilarious as well. I had to watch the show by myself....Cody is not a fan!


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