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Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 months old

Wyatt you are 9 months old today!

Since our last monthly post so much has changed with you…
-We moved you to a big boy convertible car seat, still rear-facing of course. You like it a whole lot more because you can see a lot better.
-We still have you in size 3 Pampers just because we are finishing up the packages we have left. I changed my Amazon order so this month we got your first shipment of size 4s. I foresee us staying in 4s awhile, just like the 3s.
- You have two beautiful little teeth that just shine!
-You are pulling up, chillin’, and sitting back down on everything. You really like to push around the chairs, lick the tv, and be the captain of your pirate ship. You get so squirmy when we try to hold you. You just want to be standing up opening and closing cabinet doors.
-You are cruising around on the furniture. You will stand up next to the couch and then inch your way down to us. It’s fun and scary. You use your walker now, but on the outside. You will stand up, push it away, and then walk with it. The only bad thing is that sometimes it gets ahead of you.
-We’ve started rocking you to sleep. You are such a busy bee that you refuse to go to bed without us winding you down. Therefore, we feed you and then rock you to sleep. You are out like a light within 10 minutes. We turn off all the lights and just rock. Once I think you realize we aren’t throwing a party you give up. It’s sweet getting to rock you though since we never did when you were a baby-baby.

-You know how to crawl stairs which Mimi and Pawpaw taught you. You get up those things and quick.
-You know exactly what “no” means and will get upset when we tell it to you.
-You are still taking 4 bottles a day. I’ve taken away the 2nd and 3rd bottle and put the milk in your cup with a straw. I don’t call it a sippy because we threw those our forever ago so it’s just your “cup.” You drink just fine. No we just have to get the Grandmas on bored. (Nana admitted to caving.) You get oatmeal, a fruit, a veggie and then your snacks vary. You still LOVE your yogurt and are a big fan of cheese. We give you whatever we are eating and it’s still so nice. You are starting to feed yourself with a spoon and it’s like you can’t shovel it in fast enough. You would eat all day if we let you. You are still such a water baby and could drink that all day without stopping if we let you as well.
- Still taking a paci only for sleeping.
-Wearing 9 month, 12 month, and 18 month clothes and still a size 5W.
- You know how to “find” us when we are somewhere else in the house. It’s so funny .
- You get SO excited whenever we get home from work. I just eat it up.
-You give kisses when we ask, give us high fives, and when you are feeling up to it wave bye-bye.
-You only squeal and say “heeeey” or “ehhh” still. I am still waiting to hear mama or dada.
-You LOVE to be a naked baby. We let you be naked about 15-20 minutes before bath time and you are such a hoot. You will crawl around so fast and will just get so excited when you sit or stand. It’s so precious.
-Bath time is still one of your favorite things. When you start getting grumpy in the evening because you are tired we strip you down and prepare for bath time. You are like a brand new baby during this time.
- You are still spending the night with Mimi and Nana. You spent new year’s eve with your nana and last weekend you stayed at Mimi because we didn’t want to wake you up at 11:30 to take you home so we let you have a sleep over. We may start letting you go stay a night a month at the grandmas, but not just on weekends since those are so precious and the time that daddy gets to see you the most.
- You do not watch tv at all. The closest you come to interacting with the tv is licking it.
- Changing your diaper is like wresting a 600lb alligator that has octopus legs. IT.IS.A.WORKOUT.
-You weigh 23 lbs.
-You have never been to the doctor other than for well-baby visits and for that I am so thankful. He last saw you at 6 months and we are supposed to go for your 12 month visit. I’m hoping that you don’t go until then because that means you haven’t been sick.

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