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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Favorite Stage

Ever since Wyatt was born and as each month has passed us by I have always declared, "This is my favorite stage."

That's what just about all mothers do thought, right?

Well, keeping true to the pattern that I have formed, I must declare that month 9 has been so much fact, probably my favorite.

See what just happened?

But for real, Wyatt is becoming such a blast with his personality developing more and more each day.

Last night we took him to eat and he was such a good little boy. Waitresses were commenting on what a cute little fella he is (and that he clearly does not miss any meals). I'm sure we were just beaming with pride.

He is daddy's buddy for sure.

And looks so adorable in flannel.

Wyatt seriously cracks me up on a daily basis.

Yesterday it was playing peek-a-boo behind his bedroom door. He was in his room and I was out in the hallway and he would shut the door in my face and then open it up and I'd be there to smile at him. We did this forever. A few times I would stand up and move away from the door and when he'd open it expecting me to be there and I wasn't his little face was so confused. Once he did find me he was so dang excited he would turn around and take off further into his room. This was only after he would faceplant because his body was moving faster than his legs could keep up with.

A few nights back, we put him to bed and I went to check on him a minutes later to pull out his paci. I found him like this:
He had kicked off his britches and balled up his blanket underneath him. I got so tickled at him and had Ryan come and look at him. I put his pants back on him because I didn't want him to get cold. Ha...momma has to mess with everything.

Sometime last week I had given Wyatt his first bottle for the day and set him down to play. I looked over and he was sitting there watching tv so I continued to watch him (only after I took a picture) and then apparently Mickey had done something funny and Wyatt let out a little chuckle. I laughed so hard at him and as soon as he did he was done with the tv. This lasted all of 2 minutes maybe. He's never going to be a tv watching kid I don't think.
Those are just a few snippets of life with our lovely 9 month old. It is too much fun!

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