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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Randoms

-See this boat:
Well it is sitting in our drive way. Ryan thoroughly likes is. We are going to get lots and lots of fishing done in it. That's all I am going to say about it...

-Wyatt and I get out of the house every Thursday and Friday even if it's for 30 minutes. Because he doesn't go to a daycare and his grandmas come to our house to watch him he normally doesn't leave the house Monday-Wednesday. It's my mission to get him out of the house those two days so he doesn't go stir crazy. Today we went to get my rings cleaned and to drop off another one that had a broken prong and a missing diamond. I love when my rings are so shiny and new looking!
-I had a baby and suddenly I've sprouted a ridiculous amount of hair near my temples. I know that it is new growth, but it is out of control and there is not a thing I can do about it!
-Speaking of hair, I am getting mine trimmed next week and I really want bangs straight across. That will never happen, but for 2.3 seconds I think it'd be alright.

-Is there a food you can eat entirely too much of and not even be phased by it? For me, it's probably blueberry muffins. Every time we make a batch I can single-handedly eat 9 out of the 12 we've made. This morning after I made some Wyatt gobbled one right up. We have no shame for our love of muffins!

 -We haven't rented a movie in a very, very long time. I got on Redbox to reserve us a couple movies and realized there was entire list I wanted to see. We will see if we get half way through this list.
 -Tonight we have plans to watch these:

-Will let you know how they even though I'm almost certain they've been out for awhile.

- I remember when I liked  Facebook...back when bumper stickers were so "in." It was my favorite thing ever to get a new one from my friends. Those were the days. Now, I basically use FB to upload pictures to which has very little for the month of January. Sigh.
-Mentioning pictures, I approved my repairs from Nikon on my camera yesterday. It is $12 shy of being half of what we paid for it. Ryan will shoot me in the foot if I damage my camera again. Good news? I should have my camera back in about 2 more weeks. Woo!

-Since I've finished The Hunger Games books my desire to read seems non-existent. Maybe I will get it going again though. I just know nothing will top what I just read. Ever. I have Love Times Three up next...we will see how it is.

-I haven't seen Bobby cat in a day and a half. I hope I see him tonight. If he has ran away or gotten hurt I will be crushed.

-I hated saying no to something that had the potential to be so great career wise. However, I know that I am so lucky and blessed to work part-time and spend it with Wyatt. Since we are trying to another baby I know that the timing is not perfect, but I feel it's what I should be doing.

-I'm trying to get through my Lifetime movies that are DVR'ed. All I know is there is a lot of rape, backstabbing, bad clothing, screaming, and crying. Yet, I can't seem to get enough.

-I suppose that's all! Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Puhleeeeeeeease cut your bangs!! You will look GREAT and you know it! Plus seeing your new growth, I'm sure you will have no issue what so ever growing them back out in a timely manner in the event you don't like them! Please and thank you!! :-D

  2. I was playing with my hair last night pinning my hair to where I had some bangs and kept asking Ryan what he thought and he kept saying sure it lokks fine. This is definitely when I miss having a band of girlfriends over getting ready together to tell me their true opinions. Haha

  3. I have that hair growing too. Happened with my last 2...mostly because LOTS of it fell out.

  4. I am thinking about cutting bangs. I think you will look adorable! Me, not so much:) The rings are gorgeous!


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