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Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's for the ducks...NYE 2012

First off, Happy New Year!! It is now 2012. Still  hard to believe, right?

Ryan is on the Ducks Unlimited committee so can you guess what we would be doing for NYE? I'll give you a involves ducks. Still can't figure it out? Well we went to the Ducks Unlimited Banquet and had so much fun! We dressed up all cute and I decided I felt like a 21 year old bar fly in my outfit. It's the funniest thing becoming a mother. I use to dress like this all the time when I would head out for the girls...even on week day nights. It was what we did. When I put on on this tank, my skinny black jeans, and high heels I immediately felt like I was showing way to much skin and that I looked like a whore.

I even went as far to take a picture and send it to my dear friend Erin for reassurance that I didn't look like a sloot who was out trying to find her a man. So ridiculous that I felt this way, but I also think so understandable...I mean, I am a mom. I should be wearing mom clothes, right? Ugh, I still have mixed emotions about all that business.

At the banquet I won in the silent auction. I've decided what I am doing Wyatt's "big" boy room in and so now I just have to start my collection of items need. The way I have it envision in my head is absolutely adorable so I hope my idea turns out the way I intend it too.

I also actually won in the raffle drawing! Woo! I got a DU backpack that I most certainly will be using on hunting trips because it is my bag. I will also be sporting my DU hat with pink lettering. I also won a boot holder thing and skeet. I'm quite the outdoorsy lady, huh?
As soon as we got to the banquet we scoped out this Greenwings tricycle. We decided that we go ahead and bid on it and see were it took us. I told Ryan I wouldn't pay anymore than $100 for it simply because I knew I could get one for way less than that. The bidding started at $50 and Ryan bid. This kept going with some another bidder who thought he needed my trike. What the crap. Well, once it reached $125 I mouthed stop to Ryan and he said okay. Then, I noticed he quit making eye contact with me as the price kept getting higher and higher and he continued throwing that hand up...Seriously, I was about to come out of my chair to run over there and slap him for being so foolish! $240 later we came home with this little beauty...
The reason why Ryan quit making eye contact with me and continued the bidding? My dad, who was behind me, kept nodding his head at Ryan to keep bidding, when Ryan wasn't paying attention, dad bid, then the other man, and so on and so forth. At one point dad and Ryan were actually bidding against each other. Dad technically won the bid and threw down $100 contributing to the trike fun (big thank you Pawpaw)! Mimi said that little trike will never see dirt or grass... Who can blame her?!

As Ryan reminded me, "It's for the ducks." If that means that my little guy will have plenty of ducks to be shooting at here in a few short years then I am a-ok with that!

And can you just imagine when he can ride this all alone inside Mimi and Pawpaw's?

Here is me and my lovely hubs.
Proud committee member. Ha!
I also got a new band during the festivities...
No, it didn't have diamonds and no it didn't win me anything.

However, Pawpaw did win and came home with this new 75th Anniversary pistol. Lucky duck! He says it will be Wyatt's one day.

This is our first picture of 2012!  
We counted down, said cheers, and had some sugar.

We had so much fun. I got to dance so my night was of course made. We look forward to what 2012 has to offer. I hope we are just as blessed as we were in 2011!

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