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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bang bang

Truth be told, I do things sort of on a whim.

Case in point, exhibit A:
I decided last week that I wanted bangs. I can’t even remember what made me want bangs, but I guess I just felt I wanted something different.

Today, I met with my hair dresser, sat down, and blurted out “I want bangs.” She then got excited and said okay! Then, we went back and forth about whether or not this was actually going to be a good decision and I needed her to be totally honest because if it was going to straight up look like shipwreck then I needed to know. She assured me it would not and we even practiced pinning my bangs back in the event that they looked horrible.

Well, it is safe to say that I do like them and I am border line in love with them. I’m glad that was the first thing we started on and that I didn’t chicken out.

After all, if it had turned out terrible it’s just hair…and it does grow back…and because it’s my hair, it would inevitably grow faster than most people’s.

Is there anything “drastic” that you’re wanting to do?


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