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Monday, January 2, 2012

On Resolutions...

Truth be told I'm not a big "resolutions" person. I don't feel it's necessary to wait for a date on a calendar to begin making changes in your life.

What I am a fan of is goals. Therefore, this post is dedication to none other than that.

Mine/our goals for 2012:

1. Run a 5K-  I ran my first 5K in 2010 with less than a weeks notice. This year I would like to "train" for it and be better prepared. I ran it in less than 33 minutes so I was very happy, but I'd like to be better at it.
2. Save more money. 2011 brought us many blessings. I was able to have a baby, purchase a brand new vehicle, and start working just Monday thru Wednesday. During all of this, Ryan and I were able to put more money into our savings than previous years, as well as start Wyatt's savings account. Both accounts get weekly deposits and for that I am both proud and thankful. I pride myself in being money smart and would like to put even more back than we did this year.
3. Continue to be a good blogger. I define a good blogger as one who post 3-4 times a week, if not more. I blog to remember. I know that I will receive my blog of 2011 in the form of a book from Bunney so I want to remember the everyday life that we experience. If it weren't for blogging I would never remember all the "little" things that make life so much more filling.
4. Mail actual birthday cards. There is nothing better than receiving mail. Well, there is nothing better than receiving mail that a. isn't junk or b. isn't a bill. I hope to have birthday cards in the mail and delivered before the recepient's special day.
5. Experiment more with cooking. I like to cook, but I'd rather love to cook. I know that Wyatt is beginning to eat the food that we are. I want him to enjoy the foods that we enjoy all while being healthy. I don't want Wyatt to be a drive thru baby at all. We aren't big drive thru people so I hope he never picks up on that.
6. Make 12 different wreaths. I love to make wreaths. I've ulitmately decided that's my favorite "craft." Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to have a different wreath on our door each month. I've got January's up, February's finished, and March's envisioned in my head. This may be the most exciting goal for me.
7. Have the best 1st birthday for our special little guy. I already have the theme and many, many, ideas bouncing through my head. I want it to be special, not too over the top, but definitely something people will enjoy.
8. To be a better wife. I will never forget that I was, in fact, a wife before a mother. My marriage is extremely special to me. I know that it sounds terrible to say or even hear myself say it because being a mother is such a huge responsibility, but being a wife comes first. I don't mean that in the way of "I will choose Ryan over Wyatt" but more of "If I want to be the best mother to Wyatt, I have to have a successful, loving, and caring marriage to his father, Ryan." This is probably one of the toughest endeavors, but I'm always up for a challenge.
9. Continue to have Wyatt spend the night with his Mimi and Nana. This goes hand in hand with number 8. I (we) firmly believe that time together ALONE does us nothing but good. Don't get me wrong...we aren't shoving our kids onto our parents. We have the easiest (sleeping) baby so we actually miss the time that we don't have with him. However, we know we need time to focus on each other and for Wyatt to get spoiled non stop.
10. Be a better mom to Wyatt. I know that I am great mother. I don't question that. I have the confidence in myself to know that I doing everything in my power to keep him happy, safe, and healthy. However, I know that I can always improve. How? I'm not entirely sure, but I know that I've done a great job these past nearly 9 months and it's because I've had people (Ryan and parents) tell me that I have.
11. Continue to maintain real friendships. One of my best friends is moving an hour away. I will truly hate it, but it will make me be even more persistent in making sure that our friendship remains the way it is. I've got a great group of friends and firmly believe in quality or quantity.
12. Deep clean my car once a month. This is more for Bunney. I don't like my Edge to get extremely dirty, but I would like for it to be cleaner. I know that the older Wyatt's getting the harder it may be, but it's all about trying, right?

I hope that I am successful in my top 12 goals for the year. What are some of yours?


  1. Love your goals! I have made myself some as well, but have yet to blog about them. Maybe I should add being a better blogger to mine..? :) haha!

  2. Your goals have inspired me to write down/blog about mine as well. Good luck in all of them, I think 2012 is going to be a good year!!

  3. Both of you need to blog about them...I definitely think it will make me try and achieve them when January 1, 2013 rolls around! Ha!


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