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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bath Time

Look who rejoined our family Tuesday evening!!
I was so excited that she was getting delivered Tuesday night and when I opened the box I was immediately sent into a frenzy because my battery was MIA. I knew I sent the battery with my camera so looking nonstop was pretty pointless. However, I kept looking on Wednesday and when I couldn't find it I called Nikon and told them what happened. They said they would get back with me and I simply figured I would have to just buy a new one so I made plans to go get one Saturday when we were in Little Rock. Well, Thursday I got an email stating they were sending me a new battery. Yay! Well I expected it to be a week since it took a week to get the camera back after it shipped to me, but instead they sent it next day UPS. Awesome, right?! I was so, so happy to get my camera back and in working order. Not only did they get my camera back in a timely manner (and a new battery the next day) the repairs were estimated to be $288 and some change, but it was actually $99 less! Woo! I was very impressed with Nikon's customer service and that just made me love my Nikon that much more!

So, of course, I finally got to take some pictures of my sweet baby boy after a month without...without further ado...

Bath Time!

Wyatt seriously loves his bath time. Like is probably his favorite thing at the moment. He can be anywhere in the house and when he hears that bath water running he straight up books it to the tub. Anything in his way takes the risk of being plowed over. It is the funniest thing.

This time he started in his room...
Look of determination...

Once he gets there he stands up next to the tub and tries reaching down to get his bubbles.

I love this picture of him! Sweet little toofers.

I am soooo loving having my good camera back!!


  1. Glad you have your camera back! Wyatt is too cute!

  2. I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.. details are in my latest blog post over at


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