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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 months

-Size 3 Pampers
-Shoe size 4
-Clothes are a few 6-9, but mostly 9, 9-12 month
-weighing I'm guessing 21-22 lbs? Checkup is next Friday so I'll post that then
-Still are eating every 3 hours. We finally finished up all the veggies and then all the fruit so now we are on to stage 2 foods. You take 5 bottles a day and solid food with 3 of those bottles. You despise peaches, but absolutely love bananas. You also really like the yogurt. You will open your mouth so wide when we give you it, it's precious.
-Still sleeping 8pm-8am without a peep.
-You "crawl" in circles and backwards.
-You do what we call "push-ups" which is when you lift your body in the push up position. It is so adorable and always gives us a good laugh.
-You are all over the house in your walker. We limit your time in the walker so you will perfect your crawling, but it is so fun when you are in it during that little bit of time. You get so stinkin' excited.
-We are beginning to baby proof the house. Everything on the tables get pushed back because if not you are a crazy grabbing fool. You think that everything is yours.
-Still doing really good with your sippy cup.
-You are a big time wiggle worm when we hold you.
- You have mastered sitting up by yourself even better but you still occasionally take a tumble
-You've started reaching for us but mommy is your go to person
-Paci baby only in the crib still
-Started holding your own bottles but still need some assistance
 Also, our first time to play with pots and pans. Presh!

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