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Monday, October 31, 2011


At work today, Flo joined a big band of hippies!
 This evening we participated in our first Trunk or Treat at church and we had so much fun. Since we had a cute little alligator to wrangle we decided we would be none other than the swamp people.

Here is our vehicle...oh, and the alligator we caught.
 Handsome little boy!
 Mommy and daddy with our prize trophy!
We had so much fun at Trunk or Treat seeing all the cute little kiddos! We bought a ton of candy and came home with zero. We are definitely looking forward to next year!!

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Love the alligator costume and the signs....very cute idea!

  2. Love your trunk or treat idea! So cute! And Wyatt looks cute as EVER! He is always so happy!


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