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Monday, December 12, 2011

8 months old

8 months!

My oh my!  We are ¾ of the way through the first year of your life!
Let’s see at 8 months you are taking 4 bottles a day. You eat 3 meals a day and don’t really have any preference to what you are eating. You’ve began to eat veggies and fruits that we are eating and it’s nice to be able to share with you. You still love the puffs as well as the “cheetos” regardless of what flavor. You really like your yogurt. You are big on drinking out of straws still. I always drink through a straw so I get to share with you a lot.
You are a crawling machine. You are all over the house. You’ve started pulling up on everything you can think of. You’ve only fell real good one time and it didn’t so much hurt you as it did scare you. Once I got you back up to exactly where you were the tears dried up immediately.
You still sleep from 8ish-8ish. Thank you, thank you, thank you Wyatt for being such a wonderful sleeper.
There is still no sign of any teeth, but I know they will be coming soon enough.
You still “talk” but it’s more of shrieking and “heeeey.” You’re not babbling yet either.
You are a very serious little man we’ve learned and like to really take it all in.
You love to be tickled. It is so easy to get a laugh out of you!
You still only take a paci in bed to fall asleep or in the car. We recently went to Branson and that was the first time you’ve ever had a paci clipped to you. The pacis never leave your crib and luckily you still only have it until you fall asleep and then it’s spit out. I can’t believe we only have about 4 more months before I try to wean you off of it. Ahh! I hope it goes well. I really don’t want you to have it any longer than that. It will be gone by the time you are one and a half. I don’t care how many sleepless night we will have. It will be worth it.
You are wearing a size 3 Pampers still in a diaper and 9 month pants and mostly 9 and 12 month tops/onesies, just depending on the brand and style. Your shoe size is a 5W. You’ve seriously got the thickest foot!
We are so close to being a year old. I will blink and it'll be here. TEAR.

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