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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Party

Here's the deal with the sweater...the candy cane sweater as it is appropriately dubbed. I.Will.Never.Get.Rid.Of.It.

But Sarah, why? Simple my's my go to sweater. We buy new sweaters every year. We don't deny this. We sell them on Ebay or lend them out during the holiday season. Yet, I just can't seem to let this one go. That's why 10 years from now you may still be seeing it in pictures. Don't judge.

Saturday night Wyatt went to spend the night with his Mimi and Pawpaw so we went to an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. We had a lot of fun and were home by 11:15. We are party animals remember?

We never miss an opportunity to take funny pictures. 
 See what I mean...
And check out the scrumptious booty of my husband's. Eat your hearts out girls.

 Luckily, we aren't the only ones... The hostesses. What a great family picture right?
 Some of the girlies!
 My bestie best Erin!
Some people have a little black dress. I have a candy cane sweater. Jealous?

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