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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Laughs

Play dates. They're all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
Little Mia came over to see Wyatt Thursday evening. I should go ahead and mention that Wyatt was having a less then stellar day. It started by him missing a nap and just being a grump thanks to the evil that is his first tooth. They came over in the evening which if you know Wyatt isn't his best time of the day. Want to see a super sweet, lovable, laughing, scrumptious little boy come see us between the hours of 8am-1pm. After that we are still all those things but just on a lower level. From about 7 on nothing is on our (Wyatt's) mind besides the 3 Bs- Bath, Bottle, Bed. So here we are...grumpy and evening time. Poor Wyatt. This was kind of a recipe for disaster. At least Ryan had warned Josh before coming over. Nonetheless, the babies played and did really well...
We even got a cute picture of them...
But then, things went downhill and quick for Wyatt.

The poor little guy was tumbling left and right! I swear it's like he totally forgot to sit up on his own. I like to think it's because he was all kind of nervous being around a pretty girl like Mia. He hit his head I think a total of 3 times in probably a matter of 20 minutes. Homeboy was out of control. I think not only was he nervous, he was frustrated because Mia was a quick little booger and a walker. Wyatt is now pulling up onto things, and I guess he wanted to show Mia his adventurous side and show her all his cool tricks, but wouldn't you know it she had other things on her mind (read: someone else's toys). Needless to say it was such a flop and we were left with no phone number from Mia, but just a measly ole bumpy head.

I can't help but laugh at the clumsiness of our child. He gets that from his mother I believe. The being nervous around cute little girls? Must be from his daddy. To this day he still gets all types of flustered around me!

Yah...who am I kidding?!

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  1. He couldn't sit up because he was blown away by Mias beauty. No worries Wyatt- he are very handsome- no reason to get nervous! I am sorry Mia got hurt. My son is just as clumsy too. I never remember my girl being like that. He is adorable and love laughing at your writing about the story. You crack me up! Hope you are having a great rest of the weekend!


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