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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve at Nana's

This is the first of many posts about our Christmas...

Saturday, we headed to Ryan's mom's about 11. I made vanilla covered pretzels to bring since we were having a non-tradional meal...taco soup, finger foods, and desserts. Everything was so yummy and we were miserable by the time we left.
Here is our tree on Christmas Eve.
We had a little photo shoot while waiting to get ready. I think Wyatt looks so much like me here. LOVE it.

And I caught a picture of his little tooth. It's blurry, but I see it plain as day. What's even more crazy is that today we noticed that when his smiles at you there is no denying it's there. I really thought I would miss that gummy grin and I sort of do. But holy smokes that little glimmer of a tooth is the best.
Here Wyatt had made himself a little pillow. I'd laid him down for his nap and went to check on him and found him like this. He had balled up his blanket into a pillow. He melts my heart about 10 times a day.
With his Nana...
First tast of peppermint. Homeboy seriously got MAD when we took it away.
Wyatt's first Christmas present!!
Wyatt could honestly care less about opening presents. Even once they were open he didn't care too much about them. He is such a busy body and has to be on the go all the time that it's just whatever to him.

Aunt Kylie loves to play dress up with him.
Family picture on Christmas Eve 2011.
Getting ready to put little man to bed so Santa could come and visit.
Insert AWWWW here.
One of my favorite things about having a baby is all the traditions we get to start. We bought The Night Before Christmas and read it, obviously. Wyatt, again, could care less, but at least we did it and years from now when we are still reading the story we can always say we did it since his first Christmas.
See those cute little sporty jammies? They're super cute, but NOT the jammies I wanted him wearing for Christmas morning. Anal? Yes. He had cute Christmasy jammies that he decided to piss all over just to spite me. That's what kids do, right? That's what I've been told at least. However, I thought it came later. Like, teenage years. Ha! Okay, I know his didn't do it to spite me but it sure felt like wouldn't matter anyway...he spit up a little on his sheets and jammies anyway so he got put in an entirely different pair. This is what happens when I plan stuff.

Me and my sweet baby waiting for daddy to start reading.
Ahhh, Christmas is so much more fun with a baby!!

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