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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Branson Trip

Saturday we got around and headed north to Branson. It was Wyatt’s first trip there and we could not be more excited about taking him. He was such a good baby riding up there, sleeping until we got into Branson. We then checked in and headed to eat at an Italian restaurant we found last year. It was good, but with a baby that wanted some entertainment we basically inhaled it. After that we headed toward the outlet malls to see what we could find. As soon as we got down there it started to sprinkle on us and that rain didn’t let up until the next day. However, we did what we came to do and we shopped, shopped, and shopped. We got stuff mostly for Wyatt, of course, but momma managed to get a few things as well.

We met up with my brother and Misty at the Landing for dinner and shopped some more. Since we had Wyatt with us we didn’t want him out in the rain so we decided to head to the hotel. We were all in bed by 10. Wyatt did so good sleeping in his first hotel too! Went to sleep about 9 and woke up at 8:30. Woo! I only let him play in his pack-n-play because the mere thought of his toe even touching the floor in the hotel completely grossed me out. The poor guy hated his life this weekend I’m sure…being stuck in a carseat and stroller for an obscene about of time had to be horrendous, but at least he was a trooper. He got lots of compliments on how big a boy and cute he was. Um, duh! People are always so surprised that he is only an (almost) 8 month old. Big babies are the best! We got Wyatt a new Santa for his tree, too. We had so much fun. I think Wyatt was pretty happy to be back home. We put him on the floor so he could finally crawl around and it was the best thing ever by the look on his face.

For our memory…
“I just saw a chicken cross the road, like for real.”


  1. how cute! I am jealous that he can hold his own bottle!

  2. We always seem to go to the same places around the same time! We were in Branson Friday night and part of Saturday. One day we are just going to have to plan on meeting somewhere!

  3. We definitely do! It'd be so nice to actually meet in person after a year and half of "knowing" each other!!


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