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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Night at Mimi & Pawpaw's

Christmas evening was spent at my parent's.
Wyatt got his first taste of "real" ham. Wouldn't you know he took a chunk of a bite. He is going to be a foodie just like his momma!
You didn't think we forgot about our little boy Marley did you? Santa even came to visit him and brought him lots of new babies!
The cutest thing Wyatt got was his little overalls. AGH...LOVE!
His Razorback pillow pet from Mimi and Pawpaw. He was getting so sleepy since he hadn't slept hardly at all that day.
We've had such a long day...we are definitely tired looking.
Him loves his Mimi!
And Uncle Jason.
Here is all of mom's children!
After we opened presents, put the baby to bed, we ended up playing Battle of the Sexes. Me, mom, and Misty ended up losing to the guys because apparently the girl questions were a million times easier. Pssh. Whatever. I did learn that my husband pays a lot more attention to celebrity gossip than I thought. I'm not sure whether to be concerned or happy. What do you think?!

This was such a great first Christmas with Wyatt. Next year we will have to do a little bit of tweaking. Hopefully we can do Christmas Eve Eve at Poppa's, Christmas Eve at Nana's, and Christmas with Mimi and Pawpaw. Two houses on one day was just too much. Wyatt was a little too grumpy so he wasn't near as fun as he could have been with Mimi. I guess you just figure it out though.

I hope you all had a wonderful CHRISTmas and that God has blessed your family in every way possible!

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