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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait until the morning of Christmas so you could see all the awesome things that Santa had delivered to you during the night?

I do too.

When you are a parent, that excitement multiplies.

I had absolutely no idea how much "Santa" would mean to me as an adult...and I only have an 8 month old who clearly does not get "excited" about much.

Ryan and I stayed up late assembling the water table we have had for months. We already had his walker ready to go so we (Ryan) put it together and set it all up.
Santa even left a note for Wyatt!
How fun will this be each year to do?! Again with starting traditions!

He LOVED his pirate ship. Ryan was skeptical about the water table, but I assured him it would be a hit and it was...even without water! Ha!
Look at that sweet little smile. He definitely approves!

So...I got an apron. Cute right? I shall be doing lots and lots of cooking in it. That's the plan anyway.
I'm very negligent and didn't get any pictures of daddy with his gifts. How lame am I? A lot. He loved all his gifts as did I. My running "wish" list of a dozen items now only has 3 items left. My entire family did very good!

Wyatt was super curious about daddy's cereal bowl. Before I know it the two will be sitting together having cereal together.
So sweet.

This was last night after all of Wyatt's Christmases were over.
Safe to say he made out like a bandit! It will be so fun to see what all he got each year!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE that water table! So glad you got it for him, he will love it this summer! I wanted to get V that one, but couldn't find a deal on one (waited until it was out of season..oops). We settled on a smaller one, but it is not nearly as cool!


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