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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Let’s play some catch up…
Last Thursday we took Wyatt to his first parade!
He was such a good little boy, just taking it all in. It didn’t hurt that his Mimi and Pawpaw showed up too!
We also met Erin, Ridge, and Derek there too along with a big crew from Ryan’s work.
It was so much fun watching Wyatt look at the floats.
We only had one little scare which happened when the fire truck honked directly in our ears. He got a little scared and it was that pitiful little wail. Once he realized he wasn’t in any sort of danger he was good again.
Afterwards, Mimi and Pawpaw treated us to some Dixie Café and Wyatt was such a ham. He was cracking us all up so much. It was hilarious. We are all so thankful he is such an easy little baby!

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