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Friday, December 9, 2011

My Shadow

I would like to introduce you to someone today...

It is none other than my own little shadow.
Pretty darn cute, right?
 Well, he would be even cuter if he didn't feel all kinds of crummy thanks to some toofers.
Today has been one of those days. The days that all mothers dread because there is pretty much nothing you can do for your poor helpless child.

We have, what we truly believe is, an enemy currently living in our house. Those little teeth, the ones we haven't seen even a little glimpse of, are having a knock-down-drag-out with our sweet little boy.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, made Wyatt feel good today. He napped for maybe an hour and a half total today and was practically glued to my hip or legs the entire time. It didn't help that I had a serious headache from the moment my eyes opened this morning and being a semi anti-medicine person refused to take anything until late this afternoon. So about 4:30 today, I was finally headacheless which made taking care of  Grumpy McGrumpster a little bit easier.

I feel so bad for him. Runny nose, sneezes, upset stomach, sleep deprived, all around miserable. It sucks so terribly not being able to really do anything for him.

Daddy got home and gave me a little bit of relief. Thank goodness...

Fact: You may think letting your baby gnaw on a duck call immediately after eating to make his gums feel better is a good idea. It is...until he spits up all up in that shizz. Quite a mess, but down right hilarious at the same time.
Luckily I grabbed my camera to catch Daddy cleaning it up.
Here's Wyatt nervous he is about to get in trouble...

 Okay, not really. But, I couldn't not take a picture of little man and those scrumptious cheeks.

Here's a few more showcasing how pitiful he was today.

Those are in fact red eyebrows.

I will be so glad when all this teething jazz is over. Or at least when he gets his first tooth so I can at least believe it was worth it! Daddy's on duty getting baby down while. I'm hoping it's soon so we can curl up and watch Tangled (soo excited!).  Hope you all have a great weekend...if it is anything like today I.can't.wait!

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