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Sunday, December 11, 2011

We're getting older by the second...

On this lovely Sunday afternoon we took the time to brighten Wyatt's world even more.

We did it.

By it, I mean we climbed up on the roof and actually put Christmas lights on the house.
 We. Are. In. Love.

 We knew last year that this year would be the first time to actually put lights up. News flash! We would have a kid and as parents that just what you do, right? Right. So Ryan conquered his fear of heights via a ladder and I manned the roof. It was so much fun!

Pretty full moon...that explains our craziness.
 As soon as we stood back and checked it out we immediately decided what we would be doing next year. It may or may not look something like this...

image via

Think we can go head to head with Clark W. Griswold? Yah...Sparky ain't got nothin' on us.

Hope you had a great weekend!! And because you are so curious...Wyatt had a much, much better day the second half of Saturday and a great day today! Hooray!

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